Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Poll Results on MIB Origins

Well, the poll results relative to my question posed here - namely, who or what are the Men in Black? - are in. And those same results make for interesting reading.

They are as follows:

Government agents: 26 percent.
Aliens: 19 percent.
Paranormal Creatures: 38 percent.
Hoaxing and Misidentification: 15 per cent.

As for the remaining 2 percent? Well, I have no idea where they went to at all! Confiscated by the MIB, maybe?

But, that most people view the MIB phenomenon as being real, albeit of an other-world nature (whether alien or paranormal) is intriguing, and a conclusion with which I agree.

Of course, that more than a quarter of all those who voted concluded that the phenomenon has its origins in the world of government is notable too, given the fact that - as I note in my The Real Men in Black book - there are clearly two sides to the MIB. There are ours and then there is..."something else."

But, precisely what that "something else" may be is a matter of ongoing debate.

Many thanks to all those who voted!

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