Thursday, June 2, 2011

Aliens The Truth: Reviewing MIB

At, Chris Augustin reviews my The Real Men in Black book and says:

"The Men in Black have always been a subject I've tended to shy away from. Not due to fear like some would expect. It's just been one of those areas of the UFO/paranormal phenomenon that didn't warrant further study. Well past beliefs be damned, after reading this book, I've learned there's plenty to be explored. I've always known that some MIB reports were probably government/military personnel following up on UFO sightings. They would typically get a bad reputation given some of their interactions, such as the witness silencing that occurred during the Roswell crash era. However, it's the non-government interactions that are truly interesting. Time travelers? Demonic entities? ETs? Something else? These are all the questions and theories this book explores that truly leaves you wanting to learn more. The book is very well written, fast paced and definitely prompted me to explore the subject matter further."

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